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Issue 4  |  24 February 2016
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From the Principal

As parents have certainly heard, there has been a spate of bomb threats to Victorian schools over the past few weeks. Whilst these have invariably been false alarms schools obviously have to take them seriously.

  1. Bacchus Marsh Grammar has clear articulated plans to deal with emergency issues. The central aim of these plans is to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  2. These procedures are practised regularly to ensure staff and students are familiar with procedures. I think it is true to say that as a school we should be very proud of both the speed of movement and simple common sense our students show in these procedures.
  3. In the case of a bomb alert the school depending on the specific circumstances will order either a lock down or evacuation, part of our procedures involve contact with emergency services as a matter of course.

All staff have clearly defined roles in such situations and their focus is on protecting children and maintaining a calm environment as possible.\

Parents will be informed by the school that a situation has occurred once we have received an “all clear” from the appropriate authorities. In today’s world parents may hear of supposed activity through social media, often these reports are very wrong or do nothing but incite undue panic, something that is not helpful in emergency situations. If parents do become aware of any alleged problem we ask them not to proceed to the school as this will be of little assistance to either them or their children.

Please be assured that we have well thought out plans to deal with emergencies and our aim to at all times protect the safety of children in a calm, organised way.


Andrew A. Neal


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