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Issue 10  |  20 April 2016
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I have asked now through the Newsletter for parent feedback on our current reporting arrangements. I thank those who have responded and we will work their considerations and requests into the process of rejuvenation that we are about to undertake. It seems to me that parents have the following questions in relation to reports:

  1. Is my child working to a level that they are capable?
  2. What advise can be given to assist in them improving their performance? and,
  3. A reasonable idea of how they are performing in relation to their peers or valid benchmarks

All of these factors will be built into the new reports in a more transparent way. I am particularly keen to see the reports reflect and promote a growth mindset amongst all sectors of the community. That is how much that a student has improved rather than perhaps the more static report which gives a picture of where a child is at the end of a time period which is perhaps more focused on a backward rather than a forward review.

As we move towards new structures I would appreciate the ability to obtain further feedback from parents about what they want to see in them. These documents are primarily ones for parents and it is important that they are meeting your needs.

Last week a 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred in the city of Kumamoto in Japan. It caused much damage to various National treasure buildings, homes, offices and other property. Many thousands of people have been left without power, water or are homeless. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Kumamoto and to our friends from Kikuyo and Musashigaoka Junior High Schools. We hope that they are safe and that they stay strong throughout this difficult time.

Andrew A. Neal

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