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Issue 1703  |  22 February 2017
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I advise parents that as per the change of uniform introduced this year that grey shorts and trousers are now available to be worn by any student and are in stock in the On Campus Uniform Shop and Rushfords in Werribee.

I think that it is important that we start the year on the right foot.  One of the concerns I have is a small rise in the number of parents who believe that paying fees gives them an entitlement or a right to be rude or aggressive to staff.  This unfortunately is not something restricted to this school, indeed the incidence of such behaviour here is extremely small when comparisons are made with other schools.

Staff at Bacchus Marsh Grammar work exceptionally hard to deliver a service to parents which in many cases is far beyond that which other schools are able or willing to provide.  They have a right to a safe and aggressive free workplace.  From a purely selfish point of view parents are much more likely to get their message across or action on an issue if they start from a cooperative stance.

There will be times in which the school and staff will say no or provide a judgement with which you disagree.  It is obviously appropriate for you to express your view on any such situation but it is not unreasonable to expect you to be civil.

The main message of this school is that it is calm and structured.  We expect that message to be lived by all of us.

For operational and personal reasons there will be some staff changes mainly affecting Prep classes over the next few weeks.  Parents of all children who are impacted by these changes will be informed by individual communication.

Andrew A. Neal

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