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Issue 1717  |  24 May 2017
Featured Story

Monday’s Senior School Assembly enabled us to celebrate the success of Hannah Dunn from last year’s VCE.  Hannah was awarded a Premier’s Prize for being one of the top students in the State in Hospitality.  It has been a few years since we have had a Premier’s Prize winner and it was wonderful to be able to again award the School Medal to someone who has achieved so highly.

The Assembly was also marked by its “Indian Theme,” we are part of the Australia-India Bridge Program and are fortunate enough to be hosting a teacher Anjana Menon from the Lotus Valley International School, India.  We also heard from Eloise Driver, who last year won a trip to India as the first prize winner in the Indian Essay Writing Competition.

There has been much in the press about Gonski 2.0 or a new funding model for schools.  Whilst the figures are somewhat oblique, it is clear that the school does receive increased funding over the next 10 years but that funding does not equate to that which we would have obtained if the original Gonski models Years 5 and 6 had been or are implemented.

As you may be aware this school receives its funding through a System in the same way that Catholic or Lutheran schools do.   I am very concerned about the tone of the debate and what can now I think be fairly classed as an attack on the Catholic Education System.  I am not a Catholic and have never taught in a Catholic System.  I do have an enormous respect for Catholic school’s professionalism and I believe that modern Catholic schools provide very good examples of inclusive education, academic values and a firm commitment to social and religious beliefs.  Whilst they are clearly different, they do in many senses share similar aims and values with us.  To a certain extent attack on them are an attack on us.  Under the present proposals for Gonski 2.0 we will see less System funding.  It is our intention to work through all avenues to obtain the best arrangements for the students and families that attend this school as well as supporting those schools in our area that broadly share a similar view on what are the most important things in enabling students to be properly educated for life.

Andrew A. Neal


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From SS Principal – Mr Kevin Richardson – Senior School Exams, Principals Award, Missing Watch.

From JS Principal – Mrs Elizabeth O’Day – Junior School Assembly and School Colours Recipients.

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