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Issue 1726  |  02 August 2017
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School photographs occurred this week and I would like to thank Cathy Perconte for her organisation and past students who assisted her.

Photographs at this time of the year are disruptive to the school’s academic program, this concerns me.  It is also a difficult time of the year to marshall students when it is particularly cold and the normal organisation that is required to get photographs right.  Some years ago we moved photographs to a time of the year that was less disruptive.  There was a degree of parental concern at this change because children had photographs in summer rather than full school uniform.  I would be interested if parents of students at school today have an opinion on this matter and would welcome feedback via email to school@bmg.vic.edu.au

I remind Junior School parents that if they have children on buses they or the responsible person picking their child up must present to the door of the bus so that the driver can see them.  This is a requirement to ensure student safety.  Obviously if a young student is with older siblings they fill the role of a responsible person.  Equally, we understand and encourage older Junior School students to be given the right and responsibility to walk home from the bus.  A form and further information is being distributed to Year 5 and 6 students to ensure we have parental approval for students to walk home from the bus without a parent present at the bus.  Further information will also be distributed to all junior school parents.

NAPLAN results will be released to schools in the coming weeks.  I have had slightly more questions in relation to NAPLAN than I have had in past years.  The school understands the need for NAPLAN style tests and believe they can provide useful information on individual student progress.  Like all assessments they are as much “art” as “science”.  NAPLAN needs to be considered alongside the assessments being undertaken every week in the normal classroom situation.  Unfortunately the tests are often given a significance beyond that which they warrant and raw data is often used for quite spurious comparisons.  In short, they are valuable but not the most important thing we do.  NAPLAN data is reviewed by staff before it is distributed and if any patterns that are unusual are picked up staff will look to initiate a conversation with parents.  Equally, I would encourage staff to contact the school if they have any concerns or desire for clarification of outcomes.  NAPLAN parent reports will be delivered to schools the week commencing 14 August and will be distributed to parents shortly after.

Andrew A. Neal



Orders for students School Photos will be open until Sunday 6 August on the MSP Photography website or you may call them direct on 5333 5577.  http://www.msp.com.au/ballarat

Please note: Leadership photos will be available for viewing and purchase at a later date to be advertised via the newsletter.

Reminder: BMG in concert Full Rehearsal at Bacchus Marsh Grammar Sunday 13 August check rehearsal letter for schedule times.

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From Acting Head of the Senior School – Mrs Jennifer Jovanovic; Parent Teacher Interviews Years 7-12, Subject Selection for Year 11 2018, School Leaders for 2018, Welcome to our Japanese Visitors, Science Week Activities.

From Head of the Junior School – Mrs Elizabeth O’Day; ICAS Science and Spelling Competitions, Junior School Colours, Prep Co-curricular Change, Oval and Playground use out of school hours and Sports Hub Term 3.

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