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Issue 1729  |  23 August 2017
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A former member of staff visited the school for the first time in 15 years during the week.  It was extremely pleasing to hear her comments about the politeness of our students and the major changes to the physical structure of the school.

The first part of the school’s major rebuild of the Junior School is almost complete.  In a little of over two years all of the Junior School have been rehoused in new classrooms.  This has seen the construction of 35 classrooms, a new student services area and break out space.  The size and spend of such a development is not one that is seen in many schools.  Development of this size does come with disruption and we are, I think, all starting to enjoy a break without building activity.  There are, however, some additional pieces that will be finishing the project off over the next six months.  The area behind the fence in front of the new student services area will be landscaped with an emphasis on additional passive and ball games space.  The project will then be completed by the addition of new amenities facilities.  These will be in place for the early part of 2018.

It was pleasing to be able to acknowledge Year 11 students who have accepted positions as probationers in the school.  The Year 11 Probationers are a new initiative of the school designed to enable students in senior levels to commence their leadership roles in Year 11 and continue them into Year 12 in such a way that they can relinquish some of their responsibilities as they rightfully start concentrating on their VCE exams.  I look forward to working with the new student leaders over the coming year.

Staughton Vale is at its best at present, green and an amazing collection of wildlife including a large mob of kangaroos.  Students have been planting in and around the bus turnaround and have done a great job.  Parts of the orchard are being pruned whilst others are breaking into blossom.  This site is unique, I don’t know of many schools who have the ability to give their students the opportunities that Staughton Vale presents so close to school and home.  It is impressive to see and hear students speak so positively about the experience.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend and hear of Science Week activities at school last week.  The things that strike me about these activities are the passion of staff and students for Science, the degree to which staff and students act as learners together and the sheer joy that all get out of their involvement in the activities of the week.  Science Week at BMG is a spectacle but it reflects the basic values and attitudes that underly the teaching of Science in the school.  Congratulations to all of the staff and students involved and in particular to Diane Krosby and Raellie Patterson for drawing it all together.

I think we need to impress upon our children the value of being grateful for that which we have and there is much about this school to be grateful for.

Two interesting diagrams from an Atlantic Monthly article for you to consider which will be the focus of the Newsletter.  The issue of phone use and the impact of phone use on us as individuals and a society is I think entering a new phase. Please see the articles included in the newsletter.

Andrew A. Neal


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From Acting Head of the Senior School – Mrs Jennifer Jovanovic; Subject Selection Years 9&10 2018, Senior School Colours Year 11 Leaders, Year 10 Presentation Evening, Senior School Instrumental Music Concerts and Year 9&10 Food Festival.

From Head of the Junior School – Mrs Elizabeth O’Day; JS Co-curricular Updates, Years 3&4/5&6 Hooptime, Fathers Activities, JS Instrumental Music Concert, Prep A rescheduled Farm Excursion.

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