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Issue 1731  |  06 September 2017
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From the Principal:

We need a discussion on mobile phones and social media. It is often hard to believe how relatively new these technologies are. The Apple iPhone is for instance only ten years old this year. Many of the features of that phone have now become a part of everyday existence across the globe. Like all new technologies the early days of introduction see an array of changes, some good, some bad and a scramble to adjust to how we respond to the new technology. 
As with most technology young people are usually early and heavy adaptors of new technology and therefore a great deal of both  the positive and negative components of the technology play out with that group. It has been put to me that the best way to deal with the new technology is to allow an open slather approach which lets students use phones and social media at any time and as a full integration part of the curriculum. I am convinced that this is not something we are ready for or have the social norms in place to deal with nor am I convinced that this  is  how  the technology  will  end  up  being  used  in  our society.


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