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Issue 1742  |  22 November 2017
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I would like to thank all of those involved in the transition days this week which have, from the School’s perspective, gone particularly well.  It was pleasing to see so many new faces and families eager to join our community.

On days like transition day which are few and far between carparks do become crowded.  There were additional staff on duty in carparks to assist the flow of traffic and apart from the normal inconvenience, which comes with busy days the flow of traffic was reasonably good.  Yet the complaints and requests for more car parking still come.

The position in relation to car parking is very clear:

The School in comparison to virtually any other has a large number and area of carparks.

Additional car parking is a lower priority than activities or facilities that directly impact on students or learning outcomes.  To put it bluntly, as we weigh up if we can build two additional student amenity blocks for next year; I will not be saying “lets build one and put the money saved into additional car parking”.

There are times when a crowded carpark is frustrating and when other drivers behave in a way that is either annoying or from your perspective “selfish”.  I suggest the best way of handling those issues is to take a deep breath, if it is really silly or selfish take some details and pass it on to us for action.  We will follow it through in an appropriate way but this will not as it has been suggested to me see me remove the alleged culprit’s licence, something that does sit outside the authority of a school Principal.

In short, I acknowledge that parking can at times be frustrating but it is a minor irritant not a core issue.

You will be receiving in the mail hard copies of my letter in relation to Fees and Charges and the 2018 Business Notice in the next few days.  This year we have automated your ability to accept the various components of the Notice and organise for Fee Payment plans.  Instructions on how to go about the process are included in the letter and staff will be happy to deal with any queries you may have.

As we approach the end of senior examinations I would like to commend the student body on the way that as a group they have worked through this period.  It is pleasing to see the continued development of the culture of hard work and study in the school.  This has clearly been evident during the examination period.

Andrew A. Neal



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