Moving into Secondary School


Bacchus Marsh Grammar place a high priority on ensuring that the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is as positive and as smooth as possible, and that there is advancement in core values and expectations through Year 8 and beyond. We have in place a set of values statements and the expectation is that students at Bacchus Marsh Grammar will internalise these values so that they become habits for life.

The Ten Values are:

1. The school aims to provide a comprehensive, challenging and enriching education.


2. It is understood that learners should be actively engaged in their own learning and that staff and students should have high expectations.


3. We  value  a  calm,  purposeful  and  friendly  learning  environment  in  which  personal achievement is recognised and rewarded.


4. The school believes that literacy and numeracy are the foundations of an effective education.

All teachers, regardless of subject or training, are teachers of literacy and numeracy.


5. We understand that every student can learn and can experience success. Assessment is used to judge progress but also to inform decisions about future learning.


6. We believe we have a responsibility to raise awareness of global issues and an understanding of cultural diversity. We have a strong sense of service to others.


7. We work as a team and have a sense of shared collegiality. Communication is open, honest

and tolerant.


8. The school aims to be a safe and caring environment in which students and staff feel appreciated, acknowledged, respected and validated.


9. We believe in resilience and self-worth as essential life skills.


10. We respect the individual and we respect differences in others.


The School has a high expectation that all students will be actively engaged in their own learning. This requires the development of responsibility, a sense of purpose and a willingness to follow the school rules.


At Year 7 students will be introduced to five essential foundation behaviours that are indicators of a successful learner and in Year 8, these will be further strengthened. They are:

  • Confidence (academic, social);
  • Persistence;
  • Organisation;
  • Getting Along; and
  • Resilience.


Subject information for Year 7 & 8 can be viewed here.