Curriculum Overview

Curriculum and its effective delivery is the cornerstone of the school’s program.

Our curriculum, at all levels, is based on a belief that all students need to have a good grounding in the key areas of literacy and numeracy. We believe that this needs to be supplemented by exposure to a wide range of activities that cover the sciences, humanities and arts.

At more senior levels, we believe that students need access to a diversity of subject choice and a range of pathways to meet their talents and ambitions.

To help ensure that the school’s curriculum is delivering the best outcomes, the school invests in a considerable program of internal and external review of all areas of its curriculum.

The key to effective curriculum delivery is staff. The school has a highly motivated staff who bring a wide range of skills and a rich diversity of experience.

The school invests heavily in staff development through in-service training, encouraging the gaining of further academic qualifications and participation in professional organisations. This investment directly benefits our ability to continue to provide for student needs.  

Developing a Global View

If students are to develop as effective citizens in modern Australia, they need a strong understanding of the processes of globalisation and an understanding and empathy for cultural diversity.

The school looks to foster a global outlook in its program through both class-based activities and an extensive overseas experience program.

The school offers studies in Japanese and French through to the VCE level.

Its staff also has a particular strength in Asian Studies. This includes national policy development, curriculum design and in-country experience. Asian Studies is an integral part of subject areas from the Junior School level.

The school has a long established exchange program with schools in Japan and, more recently, with a school in France. Students have also been involved with more expedition-style experiences in Vietnam and other South East Asian destinations.

The school sees the further development of programs, which give students direct experience of other cultural environments, as a particular priority.

Adventure, Challenge and Environment

Schools should challenge their students through new experiences and develop a sense of understanding of their environment by giving them access to a wide range of outdoor experiences.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar, with its proximity to many areas of environmental significance, is a perfect location for the development of a range of field programs, which foster both education and adventure.

The school also operates and extensive Outdoor Education program, which exposes students to a variety of environments during their time at the school.

For students with a particular interest in this area, the school offer both Outdoor and Environmental Studies and Geography as VCE subjects in Years Eleven and Twelve.

Health and Physical Activity

In our modern society, the development of a healthy lifestyle is one of great importance.The school places a great emphasis on developing students' understanding of all aspects of healthy development. It recognises the role of physical activity as an integral part of that process. To that end, the school promotes the involvement of all students in its sporting program. This can be from developing a social interest in exercise and physical activity through to representing the school in a wide range of interschool sporting competitions.

Music and Drama

The school believes that Music and Drama are vital parts of any school curriculum. Involvement in these areas encourages team work, concentration and the tenacity required to master new skills. There is extensive evidence that confirms that involvement in these areas assists students in social and academic development. The school operates a wide range of music and choral groups, which supplements an extensive instrumental program. The school program has an emphasis on contemporary music and jazz.