Bacchus Marsh Grammar is committed to reporting on student achievement to our students, parents, and to the school council.

The main purpose of reporting is to improve student learning. Immediate classroom responses to students, the continuing communication between parents, teachers and students, and written reports on student achievement to parents should all focus on this purpose.

The reporting of student achievement in annual reports also contributes to improved student learning through informing program evaluation. Reports and parent/student/teacher interviews should never be the place in which concerns about student progress or discipline are first addressed.

Reporting to Students

Reports to students include regular feedback on set assignments, tasks, tests, student responses and comments, journal responses, oral and written reports. Feedback should provide positive reinforcement of what has been achieved and focus on ways learning could be further improved.

Reporting to Parents

Bacchus Marsh Grammar encourages continuing reporting to parents through interviews, diary comments and telephone conversations as they assist the development of a dialogue between home and school, enhancing student learning.

Written Reports

The school shall provide parents with two written reports on student achievement during the year. The common information provided by each subject to parents in written reports on student progress is:

  • A summary of the course outline;
  • A list of assessable tasks and their contribution to the global grade;
  • A list of skills where appropriate;
  • An indication of the grading system;
  • An indication of the student’s strengths and areas requiring additional assistance;
  • Suggestions for support and extension strategies.

PLUS a six-point scale on indictors of a student’s approach to studies; effort in class; cooperation in class, and homework.

Interim Reports

Students are assessed on a six-point scale (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement and Unsatisfactory) on indicators of: progress; application to work; attitude to studies and work organisation plus a list of any overdue work:

Years 7 – 10: Mid Term 1 & End Term 3

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Parents are given the opportunity to attend three interviews each year focusing on their child’s progress. Students are required to attend interviews with their parents. Other opportunities are provided for informal discussions between teachers, students and parents when requested.


It is expected that students at Bacchus Marsh Grammar complete all course requirements. If a student achieves a ‘D’ or below in English OR Mathematics, OR a ‘D’ or below average overall, promotion to the next year level will be made on the basis of each student’s educational and social needs.