Early Learning Centre - Woodlea

An Early Learning setting that is managed by a team committed to individualised attention for all students.

About Us

An Early Learning setting that is managed by a team committed to individualised attention for all students who share a web of knowledge and experience. A team who will collaborate to ensure that the most current and highest form of early year’s education is implemented.


The Early Childhood Programs are designed and implemented by highly qualified Early Years Teachers who will work in conjunction with specialists designing curriculums which are authentic and tailored not only to the child’s immediate community in which the children learn but ensuring Global Community awareness is evident and embedded within all teaching.

All teachers will develop a diverse curriculum which has a balance of intentional teaching, based on the Early Years Learning Framework as well as the strengths and interests of individual children and the group as a whole.

All teachers will place a strong emphasis on embedding personal qualities such as integrity, empathy and respect for others within every day teachings which will not only help the children in their schooling lives but personal skills they will take with them on their life long journey.

High expectations are placed on all children by professionals and families where by expectation of success is used as a powerful motivator for children, promoting resilience and willingness to work hard, regulating behaviour and establishing goals and aspirations for the future (Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, 2016).

Contact Us

  • Telephone: 03 5366 4900
  • Facsimile: 03 5366 4850
  • Early Learning Centre - Woodlea E-Mail: woodleaelc@bmg.vic.edu.au
  • Website: www.bmg.vic.edu.au
  • Early Learning Centre, Woodlea Address: 5-7 Quarry Road, Rockbank VIC 3335 
  • Postal Address: Bacchus Marsh Grammar, PO Box 214, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340