BMG 2021 Grammarian Issue 3

8 A MESSAGE FROM OUR 2021 CAPTAINS The final year of one’s schooling is often considered to be the hardest. With the added pressure of COVID-19 lockdowns since 2020, this became especially true for the 2021 Year 12 cohort. We were forced to assume more responsibilities and find new coping mechanisms to face the challenges presented to us all. With frequent bulletins from the wellbeing team as well as the support of Mr Cooper, Mr Perks, our Tutor Group and class teachers, we were able to get to the end of this year with some new found strengths and goals for the future. Whilst this year was devoid of many of the usual opportunities, this provided a new way for us to develop. We have continued to make and extend connections with our peers and teachers. This support has been crucial throughout the remote learning periods. We are so proud of the resilience and adaptability of the school community. Our utmost appreciation is extended to all of the teachers, staff and families who have offered their encouragement and expertise to give our students the best possible schooling experience. Some of our fondest memories of school are those we share with others. Being surrounded by proud friends and teachers can create the most satisfying moments, for instance; the Duke of Edinburgh Award Camp, ICCES competitions, making and presenting art in the Art Gallery, and presenting music through performances and academic competitions. Although we all have different interests, we have found ways of pursuing these throughout our time at Bacchus Marsh Grammar. It will be challenging as many of us try to account for the difficulties we have faced over these two years, but it is vital that we keep moving forward. In already brighter times, we want everyone to reflect on their efforts and celebrate their proud achievements, no matter how big or small. For the students of the future, we believe in you. You have the ability to do amazing things and should strive for success. Ultimately, we have learnt that you should try to embrace every opportunity as there is little certainty in what the future holds. Zali Ward, Samara Peel and Zoltan Earnshaw While COVID has impacted almost every school assembly, event, excursion and so much more in 2021, and with restrictions continually altering during their final weeks of school, the Class of 2021 were fortunate to celebrate their graduation the day after exams finished. While celebrating, with limitations, the cohort was able to attend a formal award presentation in the John Leaver Gymnasium and enjoy delicious food, fun and music, followed by a grand finale fireworks display. Congratulations to the Class of 2021 – you made it!