BMG 2021 Grammarian Issue 1

3 PRINCIPAL’S ADDRESS Introduction of Senior School Leaders Assembly, 19 March 2021 Leadership is something we would like each student to be involved in. It is something that when people do and show leadership that we then recognise. Today we recognise those who have taken on Senior Leadership roles within the school. The model of leadership within the school is one based upon service. What we are looking for and what we seek to reward today are people who have put in during their whole school life, who are willing to help others and who are looking for opportunities to make the school and the broader community in which they live, better places. At the moment, the world needs leaders who have service at the centre of what they are thinking about and what they want to achieve. Leadership of itself centered on personal gain is a fleeting thing. People who take on leadership and gain leadership without service are able to occasionally achieve success and fame but they fade fairly quickly and are rarely remembered in a positive way. Those we recognise as true leaders are those who have at the heart of their discussion about leadership, what is it that I can do for someone else? Can I put myself last in order for others and the group to achieve the most that they can? A part of school life is about giving you opportunities to model this idea and teaching you the value of that model. I am proud to see so many of our students have been able to take up that challenge and have exhibited, so far through their school career, the ability to start to live Service Leadership. Leaders are not perfect. Sometimes in the modern world we expect them to be perfect and we pillory them for minor mistakes. But if leaders have, at the heart of their quest, service for others, we all end up being a better community. Thank you to all school leaders for taking up the challenge of leadership and we look forward to them making strides during the year to keep the continual process of making this a better school year by year. Mr Andrew A. Neal - Principal