BMG 2021 Grammarian Issue 1

7 TOP DESIGNS A member of the 2020 graduating class, Jenna Franks, has been selected as an exhibitor in the 2021 Top Designs Exhibition for Product Design and Technology. Top Designs is an annual display of outstanding VCE work which celebrates excellence in design education from across the state. Top Designs VCE students have produced works including furniture, fashion pieces, photography, mechanical projects, architectural models and graphic design identities. Jenna’s clothing designs were inspired by her New Zealand heritage. “I knew from the beginning I wanted to produce a product that was more than just decorative - it had to be functional and also had to have a message behind it. Being a Kiwi living in Australia, I often feel disconnected from my culture, so I decided to create a Maori inspired outfit to give Kiwis living abroad a way to express themselves in their everyday attire.” Last year’s VCE students encountered a number of challenges including finding ways to complete practical work from home. Jenna was supported by her family but found sourcing materials difficult in lockdown. “I was fortunate enough to have access to the equipment required to produce the garments; however, I had to make a number of adjustments to the design as I was unable to source materials from overseas or interstate as shipping times were unpredictable.” Jenna’s outstanding folio and completed products impressed the selection panel - much to her surprise. “I was very surprised to have been accepted. It was very rewarding to have my efforts recognised and it made the challenging year worth it.” We congratulate Jenna on her hard work and success. The Top Designs exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Museum from Saturday 17 April to Sunday 11 July. Ms Phillippa Loton Head of Faculty: Art and Technology